Best Financial Blogs That Will Support You in Making Business Decisions

It isn’t easy to be up to date in the business world. Keeping up with the press on a daily basis is time-consuming, so it’s a good idea to choose a few websites of reliable bloggers and established financial magazines to have easy access to the most important information. Check out our suggestions.

Why is it worth following financial blogs and magazines?

Magazines and financial blogs are one of the primary sources of information for people with a keen interest in the world of business, politics, and market changes. Financial news websites include not only articles but also videos, podcasts, reports, and expert analyses.

1. The Economist

The Economist provides readers with resources such as a dictionary explaining economic terms

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The Economist is a magazine that collects business news from around the world. With free access, readers can only read introductions to articles, as the rest of the content is paid. It’s possible to purchase a monthly or annual subscription, and there is also a free trial month. 

This financial news website publishes both articles and podcasts. The latest material goes into a highlighted section. However, there are more such places on the web page – The World in Brief is a section that lists the most important news from the world. For users with a subscription, this list is longer and more detailed. The magazine also has regular columns such as The War Room on international security and The Intelligence, a daily podcast on events with a major impact on the world. The website also highlights the texts most popular among subscribers. 

2. Global Finance

The Global Finance website has economic data from various countries, e.g., on the largest companies

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Global Finance magazine also offers information on the entire business world. Readers get free access to the publication but also have the option to create their own account to see more materials. It’s also possible to purchase a printed version of the magazine or access digital versions of Global Finance as convenient to browse as a regular newspaper.

The content on the website is divided into sections by subject matter (e.g. Global BankingEmerging MarketsFintech, Trade & Supply Chain). One section features previews of texts scheduled for publication in the following month. The Multimedia tab includes various materials in formats other than the article (videos, e-books, downloadable documents). There are, for example, interviews with experts, Q&A sessions, or reports from important industry awards ceremonies.

3. Money

The financial news website Money features the top cover stories from its magazine.

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The Money website is free and, like the previously mentioned magazines, provides its readers with business news from around the world (about investing, insurance, and credit). The recipients of the published articles are both companies and individuals. A less typical category of texts is that related to shopping. It contains not only subcategories related to specific groups of products and services but also posts with advice on thoughtful buying.

This financial website stands out for its thoughtful design. Cover stories from previous issues of the magazine are in a carousel on the home page. This allows the reader to quickly jump to important texts from previous months.

4. The Finanser

Future - one of the categories on The Finanser financial blog by Chris Skinner.

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The Finanser contains slightly less news than the abovementioned online magazines. It’s a financial blog whose creator shares their thoughts on business events, including technology and its impact on business. The author, Chris Skinner, is an influencer in the world of technology and an independent commentator on financial and fintech markets. The content on this blog is free. It contains articles and videos. The materials cover financial issues, technology (cryptocurrencies, digital banking, fintech), but also politics, history, and the situation in various parts of the world. One distinctive type of publication is The Finanser’s Week – a summary of the most important topics described during a given week. This format helps readers stay on track, as does the newsletter, which can be received daily or weekly.

5. Disruption Banking

On the Disruption Banking financial news website, we can find a glossary of financial terms

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Disruption Banking is a website with articles on business, the job market, new technologies, and cryptocurrencies. The magazine has a section with press releases prepared by various companies, so readers get access to the latest news from the given companies. 

The content is completely free for readers. In addition to the articles, a glossary of terms related to the financial world is at their disposal. It allows a better understanding of specialized articles. The website displays stock quotes, which give users a better insight into changes in the business world.

6. The Big Picture

Barry L. Ritholtz from The Big Picture financial blog prepares daily portion of news for the readers

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The Big Picture is a financial blog founded by Barry L. Ritholtz – co-founder, board member, and chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC. The author publishes a review of the latest press and writes about business around the world. The expert discusses reports on health, education, inflation, economics, and investing. The publications are available at no charge.Ritholtz’s financial blog is a great website for busy people who don’t have much time to browse through many magazines. The author collects the most interesting publications found on various web pages into one morning post, which they publish daily. The readers can also subscribe to the newsletter. They will then receive information from the world every day. 

7. Financial Times

The Financial Times website has a section with opinion articles from the industry journalists

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Financial Times is a magazine that publishes articles on a wide variety of topics. Categories include finance, business, and politics, but also art, career, and climate change. It’s a portal for those seeking diverse information from the world. There is a fee to access the texts.

In addition to articles, this financial news website also offers podcasts. Some of them are available free of charge. They cover a variety of topics (economics, entertainment, and more). At the top of the web page, there are stock quotes, so readers can stay up to date on changes in company listings.

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