Managing money can be complicated. There’s budgeting, saving, credit cards, investments, loans, retirement planning, insurance, and more.

Add to that the constant fluctuations in the economy, and the need to stay adaptive in your financial planning becomes even more apparent.

The good news? You can find support and guidance from personal finance blogs. These websites offer insights and practical advice to help you manage your money more effectively.

1. Money Under 30

Money Under 30

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Money Under 30 began way back in 2006 by David Weliver. He began the blog to share the lessons he learned while paying off $80,000 of debt. Today, it’s one of the best financial blogs for millennials and Generation Z. There are posts on everything from effective habits and credit scores to using credit cards wisely and buying a car.

2. Well Kept Wallet

Well Kept Wallet

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Well Kept Wallet has been around since 2010. It’s run by financial planner and personal finance expert Deacon Hayes. Deacon paid off $52,000 in debt and started the blog to help others improve their financial health. Today, Well Kept Wallet features content from a team of expert personal finance writers to help you save, pay off debt, and earn money.

3. Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

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The Dave Ramsey Blog is just one small part of Dave Ramsey’s finance education business. There’s also a call-in radio show, a podcast, a YouTube channel, online courses, personal finance tools, a budgeting app, and more. Dave has a no-nonsense tell-it-like-it-is approach. The blog is overflowing with useful posts on common questions about personal finance. Check out this financial advice blog to learn about debt, investing, retirement, and more.

4. Just Start Investing

Just start Investing

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Just Start Investing is a money blog that’s on a mission to help people achieve financial freedom. Much of the content relates to investing strategies, but there are plenty of other posts on budgeting, banking, and credit cards. There’s also a useful list of resources to help kickstart your search for financial services. If you want to learn about investing, check out this financial blog.

5. Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache

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Mr. Money Mustache may have a very odd name for a personal finance blog, but don’t let it put you off. This money blog provides tons of information about FIRE (financial independence, retire early), and there are lots of tips on budgeting and saving. Mr. Money Mustache is one of the top finance bloggers out there. He has a flair for breaking down financial math into simple and engaging posts.

6. Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai

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Financial Samurai was started in 2009 by Sam Dogen to try to make sense of the global economic recession. Sam worked in finance for more than a decade and decided to share his wisdom through this money blog. Like Mr. Money Mustache, Financial Samurai has had a large impact on the FIRE community. You can expect plenty of counter-cultural views and practical personal finance tips.

7. Millennial Money

Millennial Money

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Millennial Money is run by Grant Sabatier, who went from broke to millionaire in five short years. Grant’s story was widely documented on finance blogs and TV shows, and he became known as the Millennial Millionaire. Grant uses this money blog to share his personal finance experience with others. Again, much of this personal finance blog’s posts are geared toward gaining financial literacy and retiring early.

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