Top 5 Best Drone Insurance Companies

Drones have become progressively well known, and not just for commercial use. The Government Avionics Organization reports that north of 871,000 drones were enrolled in the United States as of January 2023, and the majority (more than 530,000) were assigned for sporting purposes. And truly, this figure does exclude all drones flying our well-disposed skies.

The FAA just requires drones that weigh more than 0.55 pounds and under 55 pounds to be enlisted, so the small ones you can purchase on often continue unrestrained. As a side note, drones that weigh more than that should enlist with the FAA aircraft library.

1. BWI Fly

We picked BWI Fly insurance as best for high coverage limits because of the reality their drone insurance arrangements come with full risk coverage with limits from $500,000 to $25 million, which is higher than its competitors.

BWI Fly drone Insurance wins this category because of the reality you can buy coverage limits in very high sums up to $25 million. Established in 1977, BWI Fly offers yearly drone insurance approaches that are guaranteed by A+ evaluated avionics insurance companies.

2. SkyWatch.AI

SkyWatch.AI is our top pick for flexibility because of the reality you can purchase a yearly arrangement, buy coverage continuously, or purchase a drone insurance strategy for short explosions of time — even constantly.

The flexibility this company offers in its arrangements makes it a simple choice for successive drone flyers and periodic hobbyists. SkyWatch.AI was established in 2016 and has backing from major investors like F2 Capital, Kaedan Capital, and Verizon Adventures. All of their drone insurance strategies are guaranteed by Starr Insurance, which flaunts A rating for monetary strength from AM Best.

3. Thimble

Thimble allows you to buy drone insurance for a solitary event or meeting consistently. You likewise get prompt proof of coverage, which is great for hobbyists who might choose to fly their drone for the sake of entertainment without a second to spare. This makes Thimble our pick as the best drone insurance company for hobbyists.

This company allows you to buy drone insurance for a solitary event, which makes it ideal for hobbyists or the people who could fly a drone a few times in their lives.


Coverage from goes with you any place you go, albeit a few territories are barred given their nearby guidelines in regards to drone use.

We picked as best for international coverage in light of the way that your strategy goes with you anyplace you choose to go with your drone. works utilizing REIN, an insurtech platform that spotlights on-demand insurance items.

5. Avion Drone Insurance

We picked Avion Drone Insurance as best for weddings and events in light of their specialization in commercial arrangements, including strategies that cover aeronautical photography, an important component for such countless weddings and different events.

Avion Insurance is tops in this category given the commercial worth of the approaches it offers, including coverage of elevated photography and related gear. Since the company’s establishing in 1985, Avion Insurance has developed to become a strong force among companies that offer drone insurance for commercial or sporting use.

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