Top 5 Best Rideshare Insurance Companies

Driving for a rideshare organization like Uber or Lyft can be a worthwhile side gig. Yet, while you’re shipping travelers, your accident protection strategy offers no coverage. You’ll have to buy rideshare insurance to fill the holes and safeguard you and others in your vehicle. Fortunately, there are bunches of rideshare insurance companies that sell extensive policies.

You could accept that all rideshare policies are made equivalent, yet that is not the situation. The best rideshare insurance companies offer solid coverage, affordable rates, adaptable strategy limits, supportive online instruments, and incredible third-gathering appraisals for customer fulfillment and guarantee fulfillment.


We chose USAA as the best rideshare insurance organization generally because it’s broadly perceived as one of the top insurance providers available. USAA’s rideshare coverage is dependable, adaptable, and affordable.

USAA’s rideshare insurance can be utilized for ridesharing or conveyance driving. You can get a free statement by signing into your USAA online record and perceiving how much coverage costs in your space. USAA publicizes no limits or additional items for its rideshare insurance advertising.

2. Mercury

Mercury is the best rideshare insurance organization for Uber drivers because the arrangement explicitly covers you while driving quite a few travelers. You get a similar coverage while moving one traveler as you do through Uber Pool, where you may be driving different individuals.

Something else we like about Mercury’s rideshare insurance is that it’s affordable. You can get coverage for just $0.90 each day, which compares to under $30 each month. To get a free statement and buy a strategy, you can contact a Mercury specialist. You’ll likewise have the option to set your deductible and pick your coverage limits.

3. Allstate

Allstate is the best insurance supplier for Lyft drivers because each strategy incorporates deductible hole insurance, which stays basically during the whole term of an outing. In addition, you can get coverage in pretty much every state, which is useful assuming you drive travelers across state lines.

On the off chance that you end up in a mishap while driving for Lyft and would be covered under its arrangement, Allstate assists cover the contrast between its possessing deductible and the Lyft deductible, which is $2,500.

4. Progressive

Progressive is our pick for the best rideshare insurance organization for coverage choices. Any supports you’ve added to your strategy, like emergency aides or rental vehicle repayment, apply when you drive for a TNC like Uber or Lyft. Besides, you get full coverage during trips.

You should have a current collision protection strategy from Progressive to add the rideshare underwriting. To get a free statement, you’ll have to contact a specialist or finish up a form online. A specialist can likewise make sense of what coverage limits are accessible and what deductibles you can browse.

5. State Farm

If you drive for a conveyance application, State Farm is your best decision for rideshare insurance. State Farm’s policies cover a wide assortment of conveyance drivers and it’s a decent choice if you drive for numerous companies, such as Uber and Postmates, or Lyft and Grubhub.

To get rideshare coverage from State Farm, you should as of now have an individual auto strategy from the organization. Nonetheless, the greater part of the extra policies you’ve bought, similar to emergency aides, will apply when you drive for a conveyance service.

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