7 Best Finance Blogs and Their Best Content

Are you looking for a friendly, easy way to learn more about personal finance? We’ve done some of the work for you, scouring the internet and gathering some of the best blogs (and a couple of sites that started off as blogs) on personal finance, all in one place. 

Whether you are wondering how others apply common financial advice to pay off debt or get rich, or you’re just nosey about other people’s financial reports, there is a blog for you. Different blogs have different personalities, so it’s worth looking at several before settling on the ones you find informative, entertaining, and helpful.

Let’s jump right in. Here are our top picks for the best finance blogs, in no particular order.

1. Beating Broke

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Melissa is a writer and mom who shares her insights on saving, cutting back expenses, and frugal living in a family context.  

She draws from her own experience when writing about personal finance and has a lot to say about topics such as how to feed hungry teenagers while staying on a budget. 

2. Good Financial Cents

Jeff Rose | Founder of GoodFinancialCents

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Jeff Rose, a certified finance professional, started a blog on personal finance to answer FAQs from his clients and share lessons from his personal financial journey.

Now the website Good Financial Cents covers topics from every aspect of finance and keeps growing article by article. 

The website covers basics, but there are also interesting reads such as posts on whether you should invest in cryptocurrency and how to make your first $1000 selling ebooks.    

3. Get Rich Slowly

Warren Buffets "Because Nobody Wants To Get Rich Slow" | How To Get Rich  Fast | Mike Addis

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J.D. Roth started the blog to document his journey towards financial freedom in 2004. At the time, that meant getting rid of debt he had been accumulating for 15 years. 

After following his three-year plan to get out of debt, he became a debt-free man. 

His approach to finances is holistic, and he acknowledges that fostering a money mindset and slowly working towards change is just as important as getting the math right. 

4. Making Sense of Cents

In Talk with Michelle Shroeder, Owner of MAKING SENSE OF CENTS

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Michelle is a Finance MBA graduate who created a blog to track paying off her student debt, which she did in only seven months. 

She has been living her best life since, traveling full time and blogging about her life on a sailboat and RV.  

Her blog is a motivation to readers to live life on their own terms. 

Plus, you’ll find some great blogging tips. 

5. Miranda Marquit

MTI001: Miranda Marquit on Personal Finance and Growing Your Wealth - Money  Tree Investing Podcast

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With over 15 years of experience as a freelance writer in the finance niche, Miranda has garnered vast knowledge of personal finance, writing craft, and freelancing. 

Her blog is a valuable resource for both inspiring writers, people who define their freedom in the terms of a freelance career, or anyone interested in investing.  

However, her crème de la crème content includes this deeply personal post on ruined credit.  

6. Logical Dollar

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Like many financial bloggers, Anna Barker graduated with debt that got her interested in all things finance. She started the blog to make personal finance information accessible to a wider audience. 

The blog covers budgeting, investing, saving, and making money. 

What makes her blog stand out is that she occasionally writes posts for teens, a group that is frequently left out of money talk.

7. Lazy Man and Money

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The blog Lazy man is an anonymous journal that has been active since 2006. Besides passive income reports, the blogger shares his experiences with investing, saving, and more. 

What makes his content unique is the consumer protection category on the blog. 

Some products may not have a scam written all over them, but they can hurt one’s finances and sometimes even health. This is where “the lazy man” comes to save the day. 

Personal finance is personal. Very personal indeed.

We come from different backgrounds and sometimes may not even understand why we spend impulsively, splurge when we cannot afford it, or how to be financially responsible adults. Monetary troubles sneak into every part of our lives and affect our relationships, mental health, and often the overall quality of life. 

Our personal finances include others. Whether we want to collaborate with them, share living expenses, or need their help, personal finance gets most complex when there’s more than one person involved.  

Bloggers’ stories have patterns: most bloggers are either about getting out of debt or retiring early. I’ve been amazed over and over how fast people can get out of debt simply by creating a plan and following it religiously.

There are also a lot of successful blogs whose target audience is women of all ages, reminding us that gender disparities in finance still exist.

Generational differences also stuck out. Many of the blogs on the list are run by a specific generation, the Millennials, and reflect anxieties they have over their financial futures. Millennials were hit very hard by the 2008 financial crisis, and the experience of coping with that impact inspired many to record their experiences.

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